02 August 2014

JBK's New Website and New Blog

The Team at Jervis Bay Kayak and Paddlesports Co are proud to introduce our New Website and New Blog System that will take us into the future.
Please follow this link to our Previous BLOG which outlines all of our past activity and news and provides a historical timeline and archive into JBK throughout the years. 

17 August 2013

JBK Travel - Ningaloo 2013 Sea Kayaking Adventure

In May 2012 JBK's Ross and Matt had an unbelievable week exploring WA's Ningaloo Reef. We enjoyed it so much that there was no question that again this year a group of intrepid paddlers from the East would make the journey to sample some of the delights that Ningaloo has to offer.

Unfortunately for all, Ross was unable to attend this year's trip (something about going to Canada, Vancouver Island, orcas, bears, blah blah), so it was left to Matt to gather the team, cross the continent and meet up with WA Guide Neri once again.
Matty Goodwin with the JBK Paddlers group at Bungelup Cape Range
Monday is a day of surprises as we enter the Cape Range National Park for the first time. The desert scenery butting hard up against the clear bright blue ocean is foreign to most, as is the comfort and convenience of the base camp set at Bungelup, an exclusive campsite hidden in the sand dunes behind the ocean.

The Beautiful Sheltered Waters of Ningaloo Reef are an explorer's paradise.
Every day in the kayaks saw multiple unique experiences, from jumping overboard to snorkel on coral gardens teeming with life, to witnessing IndoPacific Humpback dolphins feeding in the shallows, to gliding over the top of enormous guitarfish and stingrays.  It's safe to say that every day is different kayaking on Ningaloo Reef, and as much as we all like to paddle with windless sunny skies, an almost unheard of day of winter rain only gave us something more to talk about.
After 5 days of paddling, Saturday was a change of tack as we boarded Three Islands Marine's 17m boat Nedo K for a day's whalesharking.
JBK paddler - Mary Furness at the Helm of the Nedo K - Ningaloo Reef WA
Whalesharks are the world's biggest fish, the world's biggest shark, and Whalesharking is the world's best reason to jump off the back of a boat when you are 2km offshore. The use of a spotter plane to find the sharks almost guarantees an amazing encounter, and sure enough our group got up very close to the biggest shark of the season so far. It's just lucky they can't swallow a person or we might have come home with 2 less paddlers.
Up close and personal - Matt Goodwin and a Magnificent Whale Shark 2014.

It was a fitting last day for what was an unforgettable trip. Matt would love thank all those who attended; Mary, Di, Jonathan, Linda, Mark and Di. It was a pleasure getting to know you all and being able to share what we consider to be one of the great kayaking experiences Australia has to offer. JBK also would again like to thank Neri our Western Australian whose skills and knowledge as a guide on Ningaloo Reef  are unsurpassed.
Bookings are now being taken for the 2014 Safari on beginning on the 14 June 2014. Places will be in high demand so don't miss out on this kayaking trip of a lifetime.

Matt Goodwin
JBK Sea Instructor, Professional Whale Shark Watcher.

28 July 2013

JBK'S Tracy Gibson - New World Surf Kayak Champion

Jervis Bay local Professional Kayaker Tracy Gibson has taken out the World Women's High Performance Surf Kayak Title at the World Surf Kayak Championships in Queensland this month. Tracy has been a brilliant ambassador for the sport of Surf Kayaking and has dedicated much of the last 8 years surf kayaking to the result that has elevated her to to the pinnacle of the sport. Tracy, We congratulate you Tracy and Mega Surf Kayaks Australia and Jervis Bay Kayak Co are delighted to have been able to provide our support for your achievement. 
Tracy surfs and paddles a full Carbon Mega Boost High Performance Surf Kayak made right here in Jervis Bay Australia. For full specs and details on option please contact us here at Mega Surf Kayaks Australia to discuss how we can assist you. 
Well Done Tracy. 
Check out this great article from the Sth Coast Register about Tracy Achievements.

Ross & Janet Boardman and the Team at JBK
Directors Jervis Bay Kayak Co / Mega Surf Kayaks Australia / Seaward Kayaks Australia 

19 May 2013

JBK Solomon Islands Trip Report - Tracy Gibson

JBK Solomon Island’s Blog Write Up
By Tracy Gibson
Photos by Terry Davies, Karen Baker and Tracy Gibson
The JBK Solomon Islands adventure is always one of pure discovery. From the moment we meet at the airport we are embarking on an experience that is so unique and so special that you never want it to end.
The group excitement was high as we touched down at the small remote airport of Seghe on New Georgia Island in the Western Province of the Solomon Islands.
 Seghe Airport Morovo Lagoon - Solomon Islands
Having already traveled via several modes of transport that day we boarded a boat to take us across to the Uepi Island Resort to kick back and relax under the Palm trees with a well-earned cold drink. Uepi Island is part of a chain of coral islands (Toba) that lies right on the edge of the Morovo Lagoon which is the largest saltwater lagoon in the world. Surrounded by stunning coral and deep water the fish life for diving and snorkeling truly blows your mind and its protected waters are the perfect playground for kayakers.
After a few days relaxing to get into the groove of island life, we packed up the kayaks and headed out for our 6 Day paddling adventure. Our first day saw heavy rains give us a real taste of the intensity of the tropics, but in overcast conditions protecting us from the island heat we made good progress as we used the coral islands as protection, weaving in and out we reached our camp site on Sambulo Island at around 1pm. The skies cleared as we landed after covering our 15klms easily. After a great lunch we split up with some people going fishing, some reading in the shade and snoozing and some diving in for more snorkeling  We felt really spoilt as the staff from Uepi looked after us setting up camp and cooking wonderful meals. They even had our drinks cooling in an esky. That night was hot in the tents but we were dry under our huge tarp as we heard more heavy rain during the night.
Sunny skies greeted us the next day and after breakfast and another quick snorkel we took off under light winds. Paddling more open crossings today we again covered our 15klm at a leisurely pace stopping often to take photos and absorb the wonderful vista’s all around.  Pictures don’t do justice to the incredible unspoilt beauty of this place. As we cruised along the Toba it was like paddling back in time.
The JBK Paddlers Team Solomon Islands 2013

Our next campsite on Njapanjomo Island got even more spectacular. Again all set up for our arrival we positioned ourselves on a pristine white sand beach as the wind increased on the water we had timed our paddle over to perfection missing the choppy conditions. After lunch there was more snorkeling to do as we were right on the edge of a deep drop with bight coloured coral walls and abundant fish life. Terry took to the kayak and pulled in a beautiful Coral Trout for dinner. After another fantastic meal over an open fire we kicked back to enjoy the night sky and watch the distant lightning storm. We awoke to a magical sunrise and after two days camping we were moving across the lagoon to stay at Chubikobi village lodge on Vangunu Island. On the way we visited several villages and talked with the local people. Local carvers had brought their wares to display and a couple of us bought some beautiful wooden pieces to take home.
Tracy , Terry and Aerem - The Three Amigos ( HUH )
 A subsistence living people the villages exist with what they grow in their gardens or catch from the sea and carvings in wood and stone are another source of income for the local people. Visiting and staying in the villages is really what sets this trip apart from your average holiday. Talking first hand to people who have fought to save their communities and land from international logging operations, how they work to educate their children and how they keep their traditional history alive puts into perspective how special this place is and how easily it could be destroyed. It was a common sight to see children and families going to school or church in dugout canoes and people going from village to village for trade or to visit neighbors.
Traditional Duout Canoe
 These dugout canoes were used hundreds of years ago and not much has changed in the way they are made and what they are used for. We were a curious sight I’m sure in our bright coloured plastic kayaks with rudders???
                Blessed with light following winds again all day we made it to Chubikobi in the mid afternoon. Time to freshen up with a shower and have a relaxing evening on the deck overlooking the water, listening to the children practicing their singing in the church on the hillside.  The next morning we toured the village seeing the schools and church up close. The teacher invited us in so we could talk with the children and they decided to sing us a few songs. Who knew such strong voices could come out of such small children as they nearly lifted the roof of the place with their enthusiasm. As a large group we are granted privileges most people don’t get to experience in the Solomon’s. By getting out away from the resorts our Solomon’s journey becomes a very personal one. Today we only had a short 10klm to paddle through the mangrove fringes of the island as a boast was to collect us and all our gear and transfer us to the other side of the lagoon for the last three days. Called Nono Lagoon this area is part of the Hele reef system. Our base for the last three nights of the trip was Matikuri Island. A small eco lodge built their by Ben and his wife Jillian, this islands sits on the edge of a more open area of the lagoon. The sago palm huts and communal buildings provide a really relaxed environment combined with the fact that it only accommodates really small groups makes you feel very at home here.
Sea Kayaks on the deck at Matikuri overlooking the Morovo Lagoon
Great snorkelling is right on your doorstep as you drop in off the deck into crystal clear waters. This place provided us with great options to explore for our remaining paddling days. The weather was perfect for a trip to Babata Passage with following SE trade winds and a swell pushing us in the right direction. Bapata is an area surrounded by mangroves with a narrow pass, half natural and half man made by the Australian Army during WWII, you weave your way through with overhanging trees to an open small lagoon with tall limestone cliffs and an area of reef protecting it from open sea. Here the sea level is higher than the lagoon so the waves create small waterfalls across the reef. We pulled up in an idyllic location overlooking the cliffs were the locals were collecting a seaweed delicacy that tasted like salty popcorn. The snorkeling was again overwhelming with turtles, sharks and different species of clown fish. We arranged for a boat pick up so we didn't have to paddle the extra 10km on the open return journey.
Village Visit at Chubikobi
Our last day we adjusted our plans as the swell and wind were still strong to take in the islands surrounding Matikuri. Home for lunch, we snorkeled and played in the kayaks all afternoon. As the sun set we rested on the deck over hanging the water with a few Solbrew’s, the Solomon Islands only beer. We chatted and joked about all the experiences we had shared during the week (Including picking up a Coconut, drawing a face on it, calling it Wilson and making it a shared 12th member of our group) and after dinner we danced the night away to the sounds of a traditional pipe band playing for us on the deck well into the evening.

It was hard to single out something as a favourite on this trip. We had seen so much and been touched by so many. On the flight home I sat quietly and reflected on what an incredibly diverse and beautiful  place the Morovo and Nono lagoon is. This is a once in a lifetime experience and you need to see it now in all its unspoilt and unchanged natural wonder.
Let Jervis Bay Kayak Company take you on your Solomon Islands adventure of discovery.
Be sure not to miss your place in 2014!!!!

08 May 2013

JBK at the Outdoor Trade Show - Canberra 2013

The JBK Team made our yearly pilgrimage to the SOTA Outdoor Trade Show in Canberra this week to check out the Next Season's New Gear and discuss the upcoming trends and Technologies in the Outdoor Industry.
 Matty Goodwin with Casey at Pyrnanha & P& H. - Cool White Water Gear

 Mark Wells from Paddle Pro with Matt with the NEW Core-Four SUP Range Coming Soon to JBK

Of particular Note was the ever changing technologies in Layered Clothing and Outer Wear and the new ranges and accessories in the Kayak Fishing Market.

Wilderness Systems are the clear leaders in the lightweight Sit On Top Kayak Market with the Tarpon Series

The JBK Team has focused it's energy on ensuring that we have access to the newest gear and in the coming months as we head into Spring some amazing new ranges of Stand Up Paddle Boards , Apparel, and Accessories will be arriving in store.
Ross Boardman @ 115kg proving the strength and rigidity of the Inflatable C4 iSUP - Incredibly compact when packed up and a full size full featured board at 20psi. Great for Caravaners / Travellers / Grey Nomads.

Werner Paddles - New Nitro and Carve SUP Paddle - Very Nice

Give us a call or drop into the Store and we can update you on what we liked at the show and make recommendations on the  best way to get the most out of your investment in your Outdoor Equipment.

All the Best


21 December 2012

JBK Staff Christmas Party

A great night out out at the Dunn Lewis Ctr in Ulladulla Ten Pin Bowling was had by the JBK Team and Families last Tuesday Night. It was brilliant to relax and have some serious competition with the Team and see who could take out the Title. The overall Winner was Sam Boardman with the Barnestorming speed and Brute force but the real winners were the Goodwin Girls having a Smile from Ear to Ear all night. 
 Matt and the girls checking out the action
JBK Team at the Dunn Lewis Ten Pin Ctr
 JBK's Janet Boardman sizing up her weapon of choice
Sam Boardman at the food.

Dinner at the Italian Pizza Restaurant in Ulladulla topped the night off. What a great night and really great to see the kids having a ball.



26 October 2012


Only 1 day till Kayaktopia 2012 on the magnificent shores of Jervis Bay. Come on down and test paddle, touch and feel the best the Paddlesports Industry has to offer both here in Australia and around the World. We have a fantastic roll up of manufacturers and new products to view and discuss your next Sea Kayaking Adventure with the Professional Staff here at JBK.

Don't miss Kayaktopia 2012 , door prizes foe registered attendees and for every $100 spent you will receive an entry into the brand new Pura SR120 from Seaward Kayaks Australia.

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